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You can order same item at better price on Etsy

Why order thru Etsy, not your own web store?

It’s because we’re pretty new on Etsy, so we need some sales volume on the new Etsy shop 🙂
After order, please leave a review. Then we’ll give you FREE gift!


How to leave a Review on Etsy

1. On or Etsy App, click your account icon.
2. Click ‘Purchases and reviews’
3. Find our item you ordered.
4. Click the star rating you want give next to ‘Review this item’.
5. Add at least five words or text to describe the item and/or service you received.
6. If you left a five-star review, you can upload an optional photo.
7. Click ‘Post Your Review’ button. Done!


How to get FREE gift? & What is it?

After review, please write a note below.
We’ll send one of our best seller artwork digital file by email for FREE.

I need it to check your review 🙂
Please let me know the Bonus product URL of your choice.
I'll send your gift artwork to this email address.

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