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Etsy Secret Gift Event

Etsy Review Event

Thanks for your purchase!
Leave a Etsy review (and stars) for this purchase and get a Secret Gift!


What is the Secret Gift?

I will give you one of my Etsy store products of ‘Your Choice’ for a Free Gift. WOW!!

You can choose ANY Single artwork except set items. (In other words, products consisting of multiple artworks are excluded from this event.) This is an store open celebration event and can be ended at any time.

set single


How to get a Secret Gift

1. Leave a review (and stars) for this purchase on Etsy. (How to review?)
2. Submit following form to me.
3. I’ll send your gift artwork by e-mail

You can find your ‘Etsy Profile Name’ like below.

Etsy profile


I need it to check your review 🙂
Please let me know the Bonus product URL of your choice.
I'll send your gift artwork to this email address.



How to Leave a Etsy Review

1. On or Etsy app, click the Your Account icon.
2. Click Purchases and reviews
3. Find the item you want to review.
4. Click the star rating you want to give next to Review this item.
5. Add at least five words of text to describe the item and/or the service you received.
6. If you left a five-star review, you can upload an optional photo. (I will be very happy if you share your image.🙏🏻)
7. Click Post Your Review.

If you have any problem don’t hesitate to ask before leaving a review, I’m here to help.
I strive to respond to all after-sales questions within 1 business day.